When Love is Not Enough: First Look

This is your first look at Winona Ryder on the set of the TV movie When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story.

Currently shooting in Toronto, the CBS/Hallmark Hall of Fame drama tells the true story of the troubled but enduring love between Lois Wilson, co-founder of Al-Anon, and her alcoholic husband Bill, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ryder, a two-time Academy Award nominee, plays the title character and Canadian actor Barry Pepper plays her husband. The story, which spans three decades, is based on the biography by William G. Borchert.

Lois married Bill in 1918 and, following his stint in WWI, they settled in New York City where she worked as an occupational therapist and he thrived as a securities analyst. Their seemingly idyllic life together started to come apart due to Bill’s drinking problem. Bill went on to co-found AA with Dr. Bob Smith and Lois later helped to create Al-Anon – a program for the loved ones of alcoholics.

Thanks to websites Pop Goes the News and CanadianTabloid.com for the pictures, and Chris for the heads up. I’m currently working on find more pictures untagged. Wish me luck. 🙂

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  • zeille tp

    she looks fine! I really miss Winona.No more new interviews on youtube.

  • Lunis

    I have read the ‘Pop Goes the article and Canadian News Tabloid.

    “.. Seven years ago she was found guilty of vandalism and theft in connection with shoplifting charges in 2001 and sentenced to 480 hours of community service, $3700 in fines and $6355 in restitution….”

    Even with the history of shoplifting!!
    But enoug!!!!
    You are pathetic.

  • Yeah Lunis, I decided to cut this bit part of the article. So tired about this…

  • Teddy McArdle

    Well, as much as I like her, when you do something as stupid as she did there’s a prize to be paid. Still love her though.

    She looks really pretty, cuteness personified.

  • I agree with you Teddy, but this was many many years ago. She already paid for it.

  • Lunis

    He paid a disproportionate price.

    To blame for the scandalous decision of OJ Simpson.

    Not forget the whole story!!

  • gi

    An historical film…but not a corset one:)))
    hope I can see the film


  • zeille tp

    Yes, it’s like stabbing me a million times! She faced it and paid the consequences… This is the first one she made a mistake in public’s eyes but they can’t get over it! One mistake and it wrapped everything GOOD she did and is still doing.

  • Lunis

    Today I saw the video of shoplifting.
    Looked like a frightened fawn.
    If I were them, I helped.
    Now arrested me too!

  • conservative lense

    i thinki the only reason they arrested her is cause she pulled a knife one them….

  • Winona pulled a knife on them?

    And she doesn’t make movies for children.

  • conservative lense

    no i was just joking about how everyone made her look so bad, the smoking thing was just a joke too Luciana..i was just making a point on how bad they tried to make her look.

  • Oh, okay Jayson.

    I was like: Huh? lol

  • RLB

    This looks like an interesting movie, I can’t wait to see it. I wonder when it will be aired?

  • Chris B

    It will air in April 2010!

  • Stephanie

    I had to go to Toronto on business travel earlier this week, and I was staying at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. To my surprise, I realised that they were shooting a movie right in the hotel, and I saw Winona Ryder a few feet away from me, shooting a scene. She looked great. I’m glad to know what it was now. Should be interesting.

  • Michael Futura – Wryter

    Well, if that were me, Hi Steph, and only by sheer coincidence as it was for you, I could have not done any of my business for the rest of my time there …I would have been this petrified imbecile standing in that same spot where I first seen Ms. Ryder …I mean, I’d be a permanant fixture of that hotel …well, not quite so literal as that, but I’ll tell you, I’d be shocked to high heaven… 😀

  • Amanda

    The Movie will air April 25, 2010 @ 9:00 on CBS.