“The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” Screencaptures

Thanks to Mariana we have now HQ screencaptures of “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”. I had seen the movie, and can tell you: Sandra is a mess. And a lovely character, isn’t a surprise that Winona is getting all this buzz because the movie. She’s not the main character, but did her part very preciously.

Enjoy the caps!

  • zeille tp

    Winona always do her part with her best, no doubt she has given life this one character :love: r…

  • still stunned

    i love her laugh in the third pic.

  • 22

    you guys think she’ll make that heathers sequel?

  • Titoons

    Just saw the movie 4 hours ago, in France. Her character is pitiful and funny, i loved it. It’s been a long time we didn’t see Winona in our theaters in France. This is a great come back, i love her.

  • Rupert

    She’s really funny in the movie. Great movie, by the way. I’m surprised it didn’t get a wide distribution.

  • Rupert

    I was just reading Winona’s page on Wiki and I didn’t know she won Best Cameo for Star Trek at the 2009 Scream Awards.

  • zeille tp

    I hope Winona will have a comeback for real! Where she will play as a lead role

  • Lunis

    Best Cameo for Star Trek at the 2009 Scream Awards.

    Great prize!!!!!!??? :cloud:

    For an actress who deserved at least three Oscars. 😡

  • zeille tp

    Her acting is always great in all her movies that I’ve seen.
    Too sad, she hasn’t got an Oscar, yet. But it’s not too late, anyway!
    Gladly, she’s on the Walk of Fame already. If not, I will never believe in Hollywood!

  • Rupert

    Winona indeed deserves awards for her acting prowess. Not that she needs it because we all know she’s an unusually talented and intellectual actress(not to mention exceptionally gorgeous). I love what Martin Scorsese said about her in the last Vogue interview she did. Scorsese said that Winona is not afraid to find the truth in the role she’s playing. Plus, winning an Oscar doesn’t prove anything at all times. Just look at Winona’s frenemy Gwyneth Paltrow. Fishstick Paltrow so did not deserve that Oscar for Shakespeare In Love, when clearly, Cate Blanchett should have won that year for Elizabeth. I haven’t lost hope… I will live to see Winona’s field day at the Oscars. I bet she will even get a standing ovation because she has overcome her troubles. I will jump up and down and scream at the top of my lungs when that day comes. And then I can die. He he he….

  • late fan

    yeah and no camping out by her star….and no guitars..maybe a saxaphone or violin..

  • Lunis

    Io ho un sogno!!

    JD che consegna l’ Oscar a Winona!!

  • Lunis

    I have a dream!!

    JD delivering the ‘Oscar to Winona!

  • zeille tp

    i agree with you Rupert, Oscar doesn’t prove anything at all times. Most of the popular and good actors in Hollywood didn’t have it yet.
    But I want to see Winona receiving it. Right, she deserves it! She acts with all her heart and effort.

  • Lunis

    Box office after the first week.

    Very good average.

    The private live….. average 8000 USD only 12 theater

    2012 average 5226 USD 3444 theater

    Old Dogs average 4919 USD 3425 theater


  • Rupert

    Hey y’all!!! Just having my daily dose of Winonaness. Hope you’re all having a great weekend. It snowed here in Houston. Can you believe it? Haha!

    Thanks Zeille! I’m glad someone agrees with me. And I agree with you that Miss Ryder acts with all her heart. I see nothing but kindness and compassion in this woman, especially when I look in her eyes because the eyes is the window to our souls. That’s why I find it hard to believe all about the Saks incident. I think it was a plot to ruin a wonderful woman. Don’t worry, Noni, we all still love you and we will stand by you til the end!!! WINONA FOREVER!!!!

  • zeille tp

    I guess, we have the same mind, Rupert… I came up with that idea as well. She’s wonderful and very charitable. No real motive for her in the Saks incident.
    Whatever happens, we still love Winona Ryder!

    Nothing and nobody can ever ruin her name to us!

    Happy Holidays everyone!