Happy Birthday, Winona!

Today is Winona’s birthday. Another one that we celebrate together. Winona Forever and all visitors and fellow fans would like to wish you an AMAZING day with your dear ones. we love you!

  • gab

    All the best…


  • Damn! Time flies! So many years wishing you FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS in the internet and this year we got a gift!! – A great (and different) new photoshoot and interview-.

    Hope things will go great in the future for you,for all your fans and for this site and its webmistress 😉

    regards for all from Madrid!

  • Lunis

    Happy Birthday.

    Queen of my dreams.
    The years pass, but you are always the most fascinating.
    In your eyes a man can lose one’s way.

    Good luck!

  • Hilary (^O^)

    Happy Birthday♪ Winona ! How and what ways can I make you happy ? I am praying for your happiness and good health from bottom of my heart \(^O^)/

  • Glenda

    Happy birthday, Winona. You’re special =)

  • Winona – Have a great Day!

    Best wishes!!!

  • sebabsolution

    Happy Birthday Winona, have a nice day !!!

  • Piet

    May I wish you a truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious birthday … Piet;-)

  • Robert

    greetings from austria to the most beautiful there- ever- was… big up!

  • Christophe Pouliquen

    Bon anniversaire.
    Si tu passes à lyon (France) n’hésite pas, je te ferais découvrir ma ville, la vraie. Bises, tchao.

  • Rupert

    Best Wishes to you on this special day!!! Happy Birthday Miss Ryder. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us….

  • chuckie

    Happy Birthday Winona !!!

  • Phil

    Happy birthday noni!
    …all the best^^

    Phil from Belgium 🙂

  • zorpian

    I wish you all the best winona,you are my favourite actress.I know that you will be a big star again.Thanks for make our lives better,and let us dream,and get out from the reality with your great movies.A big hug for you,we love you winona 😀

  • Bongo

    I love you birthday girl!

  • Ilary

    happy birthday winona noni!!!a kiss from italy for the best actress of the world;)!<3

  • Winona all I have to say is, FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO =D

    Love, from Brasil =)

    oh, and you’re the best actress in the WORLD ! =)

  • Juliana

    Love you, Winona. You deserve the BEST. ♥

  • jay

    have a good one Noni.!!!

  • jay

    imgonna go get my customary B-day icee,,,write you later.

  • zeille tp

    What else can I say. Happy B-day again! We hope to see you again in a great movie!

  • javad

    happy birthday winona.
    winona = American Cute

  • Michael

    Happy birthday to you Winona. I’m a big fan of most of what you have done. You rock and I’f your interested in acting then go kick someone in the nuts and get’em to give you a part and have go.

    I look forward to seeing you on screen again oneday.
    If Spock’s mother was all ‘that movie’ was about then I would have been much happier.

    (I’m a bit of modern Trek fan

  • J.San

    Yesterday (Oct <3 29) It was my b.day Too 🙂 Happy B.day Winona I love you :love:

  • Finn

    thankS this fan site!!
    Happy Birthday !! Winona !!
    this is for u ~

  • ucorpon

    from cosmos
    through acid years
    childhood skipping sidewalks
    past all your fears

    only the heart
    can truly

    sweet one


  • Benny

    you rock winona!

  • Paul Wei Lin

    The ambitions of ignorance,
    The accomplishments of learning.
    How comparably simplistic is a book learning chance,
    When the truest reality of academic effort is credibility and eternality, irregardless of yearning.

    What of all possibilities actually endures,
    How does anyone know what path to select,
    When machines of industry plod their grindings and chain their indentures,
    And authoritarian stodgies deceive as to what to beget.

    What is their corporate agenda,
    How can a lone soul climb,
    Does the info. network matter or is it simply an ender,
    So often individual efforts don’t endure in time.

    Is an idea worth more than a whim.
    Is a thought worth the mentioning,
    Are all drudgerous works doomed for auctioning,
    Why are so many corporations lead by a figurehead that wants to win.

    A poem I wrote, that I believe Winona Ryder

  • Paul Wei Lin

    Heads up for Winona Ryder,

    Degrees Of Separation: Colin Farrell
    9 Winona Ryder didn’t have much time for dating the year she was dealing with … In her teens, she wed musician Freddie Moore and later married action star Bruce …

  • Paul Wei Lin

    The poem notation is supposed to be ‘that I believe Winona Ryder would appreciate.’

  • Michael Futura – Wryter

    …eh, hello …does this mic work …were did everybody go …I seriously must have been sleeping to not see this post before …anyhow, Happy Very Freakn’ Late Birthday Winona …please forgive me x 1,000,000
    :wassup: :bomb: :cloud: … 8)

  • Mark

    You are stunningly beautiful , the women of my dreams.

    Best Wishes


  • bella

    I love you Noni!! foreveeeeeeeeeeeer ♥

  • sacha

    i love you ……..

  • Dareld

    According to Fengshui astrology you are a 234 and I’m an 831 (Perfect Match :love: ). Happy Birthday!!!

  • Noel Mollinedo

    October 29th. Today is Winona Ryder’s birthday. Happy birthday!