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No “Heathers” sequel

Jul 5th, 2009

When it comes to the recently rumored HEATHERS sequel, the original’s director Michael Lehmann has just two words: Corn Nuts.

He’s got another one: “No.” As Lehmann tells Movieline, “Winona [Ryder]’s been talking about this for years — she brings it up every once in a while and Dan Waters and I will joke about it, but as far as I know there’s no script and no plans to do the sequel. A couple weeks ago everyone started talking about it and I guess Winona said the movie was gonna get made, and I thought, “I don’t know, maybe they did this without me?” But I got in touch with Dan Waters and he said he didn’t know anything about it. So I don’t think there’s any truth to it.”

Despite the insistence of Spock’s mom that she and Christian Slater would somehow return, Lehmann pumps that theory full of Ich Lüge bullets: “a movie as specific as Heathers, which took place in a specific time and specific place and in which many of the characters got killed off, I never thought it made sense to see a sequel.”

The 1988 cult classic involves a clique of popular high school girls whose lives are disrupted by a rebellious new student who convinces one of the girls to start killing cruel classmates.

Source: Movieline

4 Comments on “No “Heathers” sequel

  1. blehbleh

    Its a shame seeing as I actually enjoyed Heathers.

  2. VulcanNonibird

    Even if I want to see Winona in a BIG movie starring role, I have to agree with Mr. Lehmann.

    But nevertheless I hope we see some movies for 2010 soon – on the other hand: we heard of Stay Cool only while the filming was already underway…

  3. just wondering

    Luciana where are you?some of us need our “fix”.just joking , but seriously, this is the best Winona web site around.

  4. Luigi

    Winona arrives in Italy on July 25 to 05.00 PM Italian time
    Here you can see it online

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