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Winona Ryder’s publicist has blasted reports the actress has been caught up in another shoplifting scandal as “not accurate”. The Heathers star, who was convicted of stealing $6,000 (GBP3,000) worth of clothes from a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills in 2002, reportedly tried to leave a Hollywood pharmacy with make-up items she hadn’t paid for. Read more…

  • http://Google One of Winona Ryder’s big fans, Hilary (T_T)

    Whatever may happen around Winona ,I ‘d believe in her all the time !!! With lots of love to our Winona ?(^O^)?

  • Rupert

    HaH aHA aHAHA A A!!!!!

    I don’t know if people would take this news seriously… I mean, c’mon…

  • JimmyJoBob

    I just want to say I LOOVVVVEEEEEE Winona, She Rocks. I will go see anything she is in.

  • Sandra

    I’d be mighty surprised if she’d willingly made that mistake again. I hope she doesn’t pay heed to these malicious rumors.

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