Hey people, I had a problem with my email software, and losted all emails I received in the past 2 weeks. If you email me about affiliation, please, send me your request again. Thanks!

  • Rick King

    Hi just got done watching the movie mr. deeds with you in it and now i’m in love with you.Can you write back please.

  • Jennifer

    Have you ever heard of an actress named Rainbow Harvest? She made a few movies in the 80’s and early 90’s and then dropped out of sight. This acrtess is a dead ringer for Winona, and I could swear they are related. they both even sound alike and move the same way. Can you find out if they are related?


  • Satya

    Dear Winona,

    You are really a beautiful woman. I saw your first movie Lucas, possible every movie. You are great actress. You have very innocent looks, expressive eyes and very good facial expression. I was amazed to your acting in Alien Resurrection in which you looks very scared, innocent. At climax it reveals that you are not human, but a robot, it was amazing.
    One thing I like about you the most that you have never exposed yourself in any movie like other actress do. If any I don’t know.
    In every movie you acted very well.
    I liked only two actress from western country, one you and other is Kate Winslet.
    I don’t know how you are in your personal like, but you are very kind in all movie I saw. So, I hope, you are kind Human in your personal life too.
    I wish, I could meet you personally.
    Hope! my wish get fulfilled.

    Your fan

    With great :love: